ProSential Pro

In a commitment to offer best in class solutions to
our clients we are a proud partner of the ProSential




Today’s small to mid-sized businesses need a better, more
efficient way to handle HR, payroll, and benefits. That’s
why we created ProSential Group-a new kind of solution
provider dedicated to transforming HR and benefits.
ProSential Group is one of the largest benefits services
firms in the United States today – delivering services to
more than 27,000 employers.

At the heart of ProSential Group is our network of
dedicated Partners who bring you deep HR, benefits, and
payroll expertise and responsive local attention. Carefully
selected for their knowledge, experience, and
accountability, our Partners are the local face of the
ProSential Group. We call them ProSential Pros. But you’ll
know them by their first names, because we’re about
world-class solutions and local attention.

We focus exclusively on meeting the unique needs of
small to mid-sized businesses, which we define as
organizations with 20 to 2,000 employees. We work with
diverse clients throughout the united States –
organizations who share a common desire to automate
paper-based HR process, mitigate employee-related risk,
and help manage strategic HR and benefit services. Our
many clients rely on us as HR innovators,proactive
advocates, and strategic business partners